Marvellous Dr Seuss

I love Dr Seuss.  My children loved Dr Seuss stories when they were little and still quote them today at appropriate moments.  

‘The light is green. Go, dogs, go!’

With the release of ‘The Lorax’ movie comes a wonderful opportunity for parents to engage with their kids and reading.  Whether you see the movie first and then read the book or read first and then view, this tale will provide you with many ‘I wonder’ moments to discuss and laugh about.  

To add to the fun you can visit where you will find games and activities based on the movie.

Then there is  which has everything Seuss from information about the author through to games and activities on some of your favourite Dr Seuss books.

These are great tools for parents.  ‘The Lorax’, of course, carries a strong environmental message with which children can easily relate and I am quite sure that teachers will be using the movie and book as a resource in their environmental education lessons (I would have been).  

Another book with a similar theme is ‘The Sknuks’ by Colin Thiele`.  The Sknuks (skunks spelled backwards)destroy their beautiful planet, Htrae, with pollution until most of them are forced to leave.  This book is not as easy to get hold of as ‘The Lorax’ and, when you do find a copy, is quite expensive as it is only available in hardcover.  The use of the backward spelling for the characters and places in the book is an interesting device.  Wouldn’t it be easy to use this as a way of getting your kids to come up with their own stories?

But, back to Dr Seuss….what a wonderful wordsmith!  He managed to integrate wildly, entertaining, magical storylines with serious themes and on-going messages that have captivated millions of young (and not so young) readers.  Genius!




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