Month: May 2012

Work Related Blockage

Earlier this year I chose to return to work as teacher.  Granted it is only a few hours a week but it has changed my mindset completely.

From way back last century until 2006, I was teaching full time and dreaming of someday being able to spend my days quietly composing my stories.  My mind was that of the teacher…totally engrossed in how to help my students with their learning and how best to integrate seemingly unrelated subject blocks into relevant, meaningful, enjoyable differentiated work units.   Then it became glaringly obvious that my aged parents needed help so I retired from teaching to be there for them.

My mind then became that of carer. The stories were still in there somewhere but just wobbling around in the ‘things to do one day’ box. After my parents’ passing and the easing of the grief, I realized that I was mentally free.  Amazing!  My mind opened to the prospect of being an author.  The stories were set free.

Now, however, I find that, since resuming work, the stories have been imprisoned again.  I am unable to  move my characters forward .  They sit there in my mind looking bored and listless while I am thinking about students who are struggling with multiplication.

How do I find a way around this mental roadblock?  Obviously giving up work  is the easiest solution but that, sadly, is not an option right now.  Do I then have to wait until my Lotto numbers fall into place before I can write again?

I sure hope not.