The Getting of Knowledge

I have had a wonderful time this weekend learning new things.

I am, at last, almost finished the writing phase of the second book in the Taya Bayliss mystery stories.  So now, as well as helping Taya wriggle her way out of her present dilemma, my mind has turned itself to thoughts of editing, cover design and publishing options.

I have been investigating Createspace and Lightning Source and, to be quite honest, feel myself suffering from information overload.  I put a question up on a Facebook page which really stirred up a hornet’s nest as a couple of respondents ended up engaging in a rather heated argument.  The whole thread was eventually pulled by the moderator of the group.  Still, I did gain a lot of information from that thread.

I started to feel confident in my ability to be more independent in the field of self publishing.  Rather than simply someone else to everything as I did with my first book, I think that there is quite a lot that I can do myself for this one.  I will still hire an editor to go through the manuscript but I think I can have a crack at creating the cover design myself.  Alright, I can hear the gasps of horror but bear with me here.

I knew exactly how I wanted the cover to look.  So I set about finding and purchasing the perfect images on a royalty free site.  I already had BookCover Pro on my super-dooper iMac computer and I found that I could download a free 30 day trial of Photoshop.  Excellent!

So, all I had to do now was figure out to use all these fabulous tools.  Well, even if I do say so myself, I think I have done pretty well.  With the iPad on the desk beside me running You Tube tutorials, I managed to put together a ‘first draft’ of the cover for the new book.


  So, what do you think?   Title is ‘Taya Bayliss – Dog Sitter’. Does it suggest a mystery to be solved?



One thought on “The Getting of Knowledge

  1. Erica… I think it is ideal and sits very well with book one.. Well done, you creative little lady…. xx Toni

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