Being Bullied

A couple of afternoons a week you will find me at a tutoring centre working with primary school children.  Most of them are there for remedial attention but some come for extension work. They are aware that I am an author and several of them have read my books and provided feedback in one form or another. I have reviews from two young ladies on my website much to their delight…and mine too.  (

Of course, they can read the books far more quickly than I can produce them and so I find myself being bullied.  Yes, bullied!  

Every week I am greeted as they bounce into the centre not with “Hi Miss Erica. How are you?” but by “Have you finished it yet?” 

Now whilst this a fine form of motivation for me…obviously they enjoy my stories and are eager to read more…I am feeling somewhat pressured to up my output levels. I find myself waking up at ungodly hours mentally writing a new paragraph or two.  This has proved disconcerting for my husband. It seems he doesn’t really think clearly at 2.30 a.m. because he can’t provide sensible answers when I ask him his opinion of the proposed next move for Taya. 

With a two week holiday break looming, I guess I will have to forget about relaxation and set about cranking out Taya Bayliss – Code Breaker. So far the outline is done, and the detailed writing is up to Chapter 3.   I must apply myself diligently to the task. I really do not want to think about the barrage of horrified exclamations if I should arrive at class on the first day of the new term and cannot say, “Yes, it’s finished and it’s with my editor.”

Kids! Gotta love ’em.



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