Move It.

When I was a kid, I had no trouble whatsoever keeping active.  Like most kids, I only had two speeds – flat out and dead stop.  These days, however, I spend a vast amount of time resting on my broad-based seat of learning either at the computer, working with students at the tutoring centre or relaxing in front of a good movie.  This article sent to me by a friend is timely and I am pleased to announce that I writing this blog post in a standing position.  It does feel somewhat weird but not uncomfortable so i am happy to adjust my habits to include periods of standing typing.

Since our weather has recently taken a turn  for the hellish, temperature-wise, I have been walking laps around my house rather than venture out into the furnace-like conditions.  One lap equals fifty steps and ten laps take five minutes. Go me!

Here is the article.  Sitting Down. Read and enjoy….preferably standing up.




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