A Challenge

When I was a kid, we would sing the Alphabet song each morning in our first classroom.  Later I had to learn to sing it in German.  

Today I have committed myself to checking out the alphabet in an entirely different way.  I have signed up for the A to Z Blog Challenge 2014.  You can see the badge at the bottom of this page which announces this fact to the world.

For each day, except Sundays, in the month of April, I have to write a blog post that is based on a letter of the alphabet.  A on April 1, B on April 2 etc.  A lot of fellow bloggers have also signed up.  I am number 500 on the list, so there will be plenty of good reading available to you all in April. 

I am already working on my list of topics so if there is anything you would like to me to write about, (within reason) feel free to let me know.



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