Preparations for April

Preparations for the great AtoZ Blogging Challenge  are well underway.

In April I have to put up 26 posts, one for each letter of the alphabet. Thinking of a topic for each letter has proved to be a challenge in itself but I have completed my list.

It starts with A for Ancestors and ends up with Z for Zee or Zed.

Since my husband and I are heading off on vacation midway through April, I have made a start on the posts so that they will be ready, hopefully, well in advance. I don’t really want to be writing blog posts when I should be investigating the tourist traps of Canberra and Tasmania.  We love to travel.

DSCN1133                DSCN0487 (480x640)                   DSCN2281                DSCN2125                 DSCN2053                 DSCN1618              DSCN2039

I have also begun connecting with other bloggers who are participating in the challenge.  I am number 500 on the list of bloggers, so there is a lot of connecting to do.  It is very interesting to see where everyone lives, England, USA, Singapore, India, Scotland, New Zealand and, of course, Australia.  Excellent!

This blogging stuff is still rather new to me.  I started because someone, don’t remember who, told me that authors have to have a blog…something about web presence.  I had no idea what I could write about on such a regular basis. I guess it would be easier if my books were non-fiction e.g. cookbooks, because then I could write about food or restaurants or whatever. But my stories are about an ordinary little girl who has adventures and has to puzzle through mysterious situations. So, the only thing I could think of to write about was another ordinary little girl…me.  Taya Bayliss is the brave little girl that I wanted to be.  She has the adventures that I wanted to be having.  I wanted to be like the kids in the Famous Five, spending my holidays solving mysteries. My life seemed so tame compared with theirs.

I would love to be one of those bloggers who can make a living out of their blogs.  Staying home to write instead of going out to work is my idea of bliss.  How to achieve that is something else I have no idea about…oops, grammar…about which I have no idea.

It’s all one big learning curve….just like life.


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