A New Cousin

When I was a kid a new addition to the family was fairly commonplace.  These days it is not so commonplace.  My kids are not showing any signs of wanting to add to the family, which is fine by me – to each his own.  

So when, out of the blue, a new relative surfaces, it is pretty darn exciting. 

I have been putting together the family tree.  I am loving the challenge of finding all the little branches and twigs littered throughout England and Ireland.  I have discovered that some of my Kirk relatives emigrated from Ireland to the USA but had not been able to find the right connections until yesterday.   

A lady from Massachusetts emailed me saying that she was my cousin, a rather removed cousin, but a cousin nonetheless.  How exciting!   

So now I am able to build a whole new limb for my family tree and, in the process, get to know someone who shares some of the same DNA as me.  

Without the modern miracle that is the Internet, I doubt that this would have happened.  When I was a kid, we relied on snail mail for communication. Searching for family links took ages. It took two weeks for a letter to go from Australia to Europe or the US.  

Whilst I treasure my childhood spent in the fifties, I feel very fortunate to be living in this day and age.

Ever tried family research?   Check out what can be done at ancestry.com


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