Get them Reading.

When I was a kid reading was my great escape.  I always had  a book under my pillow for reading before I fell asleep and/or if I woke up early.  

So, like Laura Candler in today’s article, I found it tricky as a teacher to find ways to transfer my enthusiasm for books to my students.  I used methods such as the ones suggested here by Laura with my students and found them to be most helpful in encouraging the children to read and share their experiences.

Laura’s article.

Please share any ways you have for encouraging children to read.



4 thoughts on “Get them Reading.

  1. We spent Christmas with one of our sons and every single day he or his wife read to our grandson. He’s two and has an awesome collection of books. Makes me proud.

    1. Reading with your kids/grand kids is such a lovely bonding time too. I know my children just loved climbing up on their grandparents’ laps for story time.
      Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. My grandmother used to tell us folktales during bedtime, when ever she used to visit us. I have bought a big book of nursery rhymes for my lil one and she loves it for the colorful pictures.

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