Why we will never forget Daniel.


http://bit.ly/1dWoFNN     Why we will never forget Daniel.  This article from today’s Brisbane Courier Mail says it all.

After you read it, go and give your kids a hug and thank God that you have them safely with you.  Then, please visit The Daniel Morcombe Foundation and do what you can to help continue the work that Bruce and Denise Morcombe are doing to keep our children safe.

Thank You.


2 thoughts on “Why we will never forget Daniel.

  1. How sad and I wish all these killers could be caught. Unfortunately it does not ease the pain for the parents and siblings and friends/family left behind. I commend the parents and all the others who doe their best to try to make a difference

    1. Hi Birgit,
      The tragedy here was that if the justice system had dealt properly with this creep for his previous crimes (over 30 children molested, at least two seriously injured) he would not have been out in society looking for his next victim. Daniel’s case highlights the serious deficiencies in our legal system when it comes to the safety of our children.
      Thank you for your input.

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