The Holiday is Over

When I was a kid coming home from holidays was bittersweet.  

The great unfettered days of vacation were over and normality had to be embraced once more.  There was a sense of loss and a longing for the wondrous adventures that had been mine whilst on holiday. I would count up how many days it would be before I could once again declare myself to be ‘away on holidays’. was kind of nice to be at home again. All the familiar things brought comfort and the odds and ends that one didn’t/couldn’t take away were there waiting to be of use again.  Home was always a good place to be.

These days when I come home from holidays, as was the case today, the moment is still bittersweet.  I am home where I am at my most comfortable. I was welcomed with great enthusiasm by my two gorgeous doggies who had been cared for by our wonderful house-sitter. I had unlimited access to the Internet which I, technophile that I am, had missed so much.  

The downside is that I will have to go back to work on Tuesday, unless the Lotto fairy works her magic for me tonight, and that there is an enormous pile of washing waiting for me in the laundry.


Bittersweet indeed.  

How do you feel when your holidays are over?



P.S.  It was a great holiday.

Image  Canberra – Parliament House

ImageMe in the Speaker’s Chair in the Parliamentary museum.  “Remove that person from the Chamber!”



ImagePrince William and Kate wandering past us at the War Memorial on Anzac Day.

ImageBeautiful Port Arthur in Tasmania.

ImageA seagull sunning himself at Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania.



3 thoughts on “The Holiday is Over

    1. Thank you. :). We had such a great time and ended up at the Gold Coast for a week at the beach before coming back home today. Weren’t we lucky to catch a glimpse of the Royals?

      1. I’m not too impressed by any royals, though I am impressed to see how down-to-earth Kate is. If it was some achiever like Don Bradman or Nelson Mandela, I would have been genuinely thrilled!

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