Still No Crowns!

When I was a kid I knew that all queens, princesses, kings and princes wore crowns.  They were there quite clearly in every picture book I read, whether the person in question was slaying dragons, threatening to jump from the highest tower or simply sitting on a throne. So it came as a major disappointment to me when I first discovered that this was not necessarily the case.  (See Q is for Queen post April 19.)

I was recently in Canberra for Anzac Day and happened to be in the right place at the right time to see Prince William and his wife. They were on their way to plant a tree in a memorial garden and chose to walk down the hill rather than travel there by car.


Notice the lack of crowns.  Not one!  Not even a little tiara!   

I am guessing that they left their crowns at home because it was an overcast day and they didn’t want to risk wearing them in inclement weather.  One wouldn’t want one’s crown to rust.  Although…a crown shouldn’t really rust should it?  

Hmmm…okay, I am out of reasons.  Are crowns out of fashion? Does a crown clash with a navy suit?  Why would a princess-to-be choose a little hat with a feather instead of a crown?  

Has all that reading as a child seriously messed up my fashion sense?


4 thoughts on “Still No Crowns!

    1. Oh my God, Keith, I love, love, love the Big Bang theory and this scene just cracks me up every time.
      Amy is obviously a girl who knows how to wear a crown. Thank you for this. 🙂

  1. Wow you were so close to them!! Unbelievable! **star struck **
    I wonder if the Queen has set a precedent in the crown department since she doesn’t wear one when she’s simply out-and-about. Maybe now no one else can? God forbid anyone outshine her Majesty but I wonder if they wear them at home? hmmmmm… I would!! I can hardly wait to wear a shiny new piece of jewellery and often wear it around the house if I’ve got no where to go!! hehe

    PS: hilarious big bang clip! I’d have react the exact same way! 😛

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