Beatrix Potter

Last night I watched the movie ‘Miss Potter’ and this morning I found that one of my friends had sent me a link to her biography.  (Universal coincidence in action once again.)

When I was a little kid, before I got into mysteries, I liked her stories enormously.  I liked Squirrel Nutkin and Mrs Tiggywinkle, but I remember, as a child, thinking that Peter Rabbit was a very naughty little rabbit. I could never figure out why his mother didn’t punish him more severely. 

Boy, if I ever crept into someone else’s garden to steal their lettuces, I would have really copped it. I felt sorry for poor old Mr McGregor who had worked so hard in his garden, only to have the rabbits pinch his crop. 

Miss Beatrix, though, was a most interesting lady, well ahead of her times in some ways. If you would like to read her bio, the link is below.


                                                              Beatrix Potter


         Unknown-1              Unknown-2               Unknown-3       

                            Do you have a favourite Beatrix Potter story?


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