Teach them how to think not just what to remember.

Journalist Kylie Lang has once again written an interesting and timely piece in our city’s newspaper. 

We have recently seen our children go through the annual NAPLAN testing.  This year the results in Queensland have improved in reading and numeracy, but the writing results were not so good.  

Complaints about the nature of the writing topic have been rife with the suggestion being made that, for the third graders in particular, the topic of changing or modifying a rule or law, was too abstract.

I agree with Ms Lang’s opinion that teaching children to think and reason is just as important as teaching them facts. As previously mentioned on this blog, wondering is a most important part of being human and should be encourage in our schools.

There are specific programs that teach thinking skills.  In my classroom days, I was involved in the development of the Philosophy for Children program in Queensland.  It was a highly enjoyable way of teaching and brought about some quite remarkable academic and social results in our little school. Our students learnt to question, listen, consider and respond appropriately. They learnt that their opinions had value, as did those of their others.  

Read Kylie’s article. I think you will find it interesting.  Here’s the link.







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