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“Taya Bayliss – Snake Charmer” by E. J. Gore


The ‘New Age Nancy Drew’ is at it again! “Taya Bayliss – Snake Charmer” by E. J. Gore.

Taya Bayliss - Snake Charmer by E. J. Gore

‘My stories are about real kids who have problems to solve. They have no magic powers. Their own quick wits and observation skills are their weapons.’ E. J. Gore

Brisbane, Australia 2014: Forest Lake author Erica (E. J.) Gore has published the latest book in her collection of mysteries for young readers. ‘Taya Bayliss – Snake Charmer’ is due for release on October 1, 2014.

The Taya Bayliss collection of mysteries for young readers follows in the grand tradition of Enid Blyton’s ‘Famous Five’ adventures.
Themes of friendship, loyalty and independence underpin the stories. Taya and her best friend, Chris, are ordinary kids with no magic powers or special abilities. They have only their quick wits to help them as they confront some scary, challenging and downright dangerous situations.

Taya is an inquisitive eleven year-old with a keen eye for detail and a desire for her surroundings to be orderly. When things are not what she considers to be ‘normal’. Her interest is heightened and she strives to re-settle her world.

In ‘Taya Bayliss – Snake Charmer’ Taya has to face one of her greatest fears as she tries to discover who stole a precious ruby studded cross. Young readers are drawn into the story quickly as the clues begin to mount up. Was it really Chris’ Uncle George who committed the robbery? Where is the cross now? How does Fifi, the carpet python fit into the mystery?

Get those kids reading. Get them thinking. Get them into Taya Bayliss mysteries.

“Snake Charmer’ and the other Taya Bayliss books are available online at  and from

About the Author:

Erica (E. J.) Gore has been writing junior fiction for the past three years. ‘Snake Charmer’ is the fourth in the Taya Bayliss mystery/adventure collection for readers aged 8-12 years.

In thirty-plus years as a primary school teacher, Ms Gore became passionate about the importance of reading. She used narrative as the base of her lesson planning and wove the teaching of thinking skills through each unit of work.
‘Teaching children how to think is just as important as teaching them facts.’

Author Name:: E. J. Gore
Book Title:Taya Bayliss – Snake Charmer
ISBN:: 978-1501050145
Publisher:: E. J. Gore
Release Date:October 1 2014
Category:: Fiction
Subcategory:: Midgrade mystery

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