The Flitlit Concept

The Flitlit Concept features entertaining, educational concepts combined with delightful stories, videos and apps designed to engage young readers aged to 11 years.

The Flitlit Package includes:

  • a series of digital apps that feature English, Welsh and U.S.English versions of the text and narration/ first language.
  • a pending series of print books. The first book in the series is due for publication by John Catt Educational Ltd as versions that complement the language versions featured in the apps.  Additionally, second language editions will be available.
  • printed images
  • educational classroom resources.  

As an educator, I find this very exciting. I love the idea of weaving learning concepts through narrative and the visual arts. It was how I structured my classroom units when I was a full-time teacher.  Children love it and work enthusiastically within the frameworks established.  It is a challenging and fun way in which to teach and learn.

I recommend you check out the website The Flitlits.  I believe parents and educators will find it most interesting,


3 thoughts on “The Flitlit Concept

  1. Hi Erica, how are you doing. I was checking out on the fellow A-Z challenge survivors and saw your name and did ring a bell. Sending you warmth from Bangalore.

    Take care.

    1. Hello, How lovely to hear from you. I am fine…still writing my little mysteries for young readers. I hope all is well with you. All the best.

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