A Tough Poem

When I was a kid, I often heard that life was tough and that I had better get used to it. The words came from my parents, my parents’ friends, my uncles and my teachers, to name but a few.

There have been times when life has definitely not been easy for me, but very often those times were of my own making.

I prefer to believe that life is good, if I choose to make it so. For me, the glass is half-full or even three-quarters full.  I have been blessed with good health and a reasonably quick mind. The combination has led me into many wonderful situations and, yes, a few tricky ones. Overall, my life has not been tough…but I think I have been.

I have been able to fight my way through the tricky times. My dear old dad used to say that it was all about 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. ‘Don’t let the ba%$#**ds grind you down,’ he would tell me. ‘Nil bastardi carborundum.

Despite two years of Latin in Junior High school, I didn’t know if that was real Latin or Dad Latin, but I got the message.

Don’t give up. Life is what you make it. What you put in, you get out. 

It works for me.

Here is a poem by Mykal Osie.  I like it. It says it all for me.  Like the song says, “When the going gets tough,…….”


Times are tough
Tough times
Tough as old boots
Tough talk
Tough place to be
Tough people
Tough as nails
That’s tough
Tough luck
Tough it out
Tough call
Tough break
Get tough
Tough nut to crack
Hang tough
Tough act to follow
Tough love
Tough cookie
Tough guy
Toughen up
Tough shit

Tough isn’t eloquent
Tough isn’t tasty
Tough isn’t beautiful
Tough isn’t happy
Tough isn’t sunshine
Tough isn’t positive
Tough hasn’t any deportment
Tough isn’t comfort
Tough doesn’t compromise
Tough doesn’t smile a real smile
Tough don’t do pleasant
Tough don’t do easy
Tough isn’t soft
Tough isn’t fluffy
Tough ain’t kind
Tough ain’t reverent
Tough isn’t pleasure
Tough don’t mind either way
Tough can be cruel
Tough can be callous
Tough can’t care
Tough is cold and wet

Tough gets results
Tough gets you there

If you can’t do tough
That’s just …..

Mylal Osie

You can see more of Mykal’s work at www.mykalos.wordpress.com


One thought on “A Tough Poem

  1. Love the positive message not looking at the glass is half empty of remains of what use to be, but that it’s half full. Filled with hope and the future and what lay’s ahead for us. Life is life. It will knock us down. but we don’t have to stay down.

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