Doing the Happy Dance

I am doing the happy dance today because my latest Taya Bayliss mystery, “Snake Charmer” is a finalist in the Bookbzz Prize Writer Competition 2015.  

sn cover

This is the first competition I have entered and I am so excited to have made the finals. I am up against a whole lot of wonderful picture books though, so I am hereby shamelessly asking for you all to go across to the voting page and vote for “Snake Charmer”.  

In this adventure, Taya and her best friend, Chris, are planning their joint birthday party to be held at Chris’ grandparents’ place.  Whilst there,Taya learns that Uncle George Comino is in jail for the theft of a precious ruby-studded cross. Her nose for a mystery begins to twitch when she comes across a couple of interesting items in the attic of the old house. Perhaps Uncle George is innocent? Her persistence annoys Chris, but Taya is not easily deterred when there is mystery afoot.

However, clues are not the only things that are to be found in the attic. Fifi, the carpet python lives there too. Eeeek!!!

Snakes are definitely not Taya’s favourite creatures. “Who calls a snake Fifi anyway?”

If you would like a sample chapter to read, you can go to and download one.


Please do me this favour and visit  and vote for “Snake Charmer” in the children’s book section.

No mystery remains unsolved when Taya is around.


2 thoughts on “Doing the Happy Dance

  1. No worries Mrs G! Best of luck to you!! This is so, so exciting! I’ve voted and now shall keep my fingers crossed 🙂

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