Gender Perception

I remember reading that J. K. Rowling was advised by her publisher to brand her book as written by J.K. Rowling rather than Joanne Rowling because it would remove the problem of gender perception.

I have encountered the issue myself. My books have a female protagonist so they are, presumably, only suitable for girls to read. ‘Can you recommend any books by male authors that my son might like?’  I am asked by parents…and I am not supposed to respond with, ‘Well, I think he might actually enjoy my books.’

Here is a post from a young author. I found it very interesting. I hope you do too.

If you are in a country other than Australia, I would love to hear if the gender perception issue exists in your country too.

Here’s the link to Will Kostakis’ post.

No Girls Allowed.


5 thoughts on “Gender Perception

  1. In my first year of university, studying to be a professor of English, one of our prominent literature professors was appallled at seeing his lecture yet again filled with female students. He explained to us all, very loudly, rudely and eloquently, that we should all go home, have babies and scrub floors, because we were just wasting his time and that ofthe university.

  2. Needless to say, I have become a professor of English. And I teach my students some different principles of life. As for writing, not that I have faced such issues yet, but I have only started publishing.

  3. I finalised my series of books and apps for 8-11 year olds with input from the target audience themselves. There are a pool of 13 characters that I draw from. Their gender is secondary to their personality. A good story can appeal to both genders and it’s sad when bias is introduced in any form.

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