A Rainy Day Movie

It is a dismal, dark, rainy day here in Brisbane. My dogs are sulking, upset that they cannot go outside to play.  It is only 1.30 pm but I need to have the lights on. I have a cup of tea and a toasted cheese sandwich and I am about to watch a rainy day movie.


The ultimate rainy day movie for me is “The Court Jester” starring the brilliant Danny Kaye.  Set in medieval England the struggle is on to set the rightful king on the throne. The rightful king is a baby with a birthmark on his bottom, the purple pimpernel. Danny Kaye plays Hubert Hawkins, an ex-carnival entertainer who becomes minstrel to the Black Fox, a Robin Hood-type character. Played by Edward Ashley, the Black Fox leads a band of rebels in the forest, who support the true infant-king.

220px-Kaye,_Danny                     Unknown-1

The Black Fox orders Hubert to transport the baby king to the castle assisted by Jean, played by Glynis Johns. Romance, of course, develops between Hubert and Jean. At the castle, Hubert poses as Giacomo the Great, King of Jesters.

Angela Lansbury stars as the Princess Gwendolyn who falls in love with Giacomo much to the displeasure of her father who has usurped power.


The movie features the words and music of Sammy Cahn and Sylvia Fine (Danny Kaye’s wife).

I love the clever use of words in this movie both in the songs and in the general patter as the story unfolds.

The classic Pellet with the Poison scene is legendary in our house.

“The Court Jester” is a movie that never fails to cheer me up, have me singing along (sometimes dancing too) and brightens the dullest day. There is no gratuitous violence. There is gentle romance and the good guys triumph in the end. It is a rollicking good movie suitable for all ages.

They don’t make movies like this anymore. I, for one, find that to be sad.

So, with my tea and sandwich in hand, I am now off to enjoy it.

What movies are your rainy day movies?


One thought on “A Rainy Day Movie

  1. Thank you for your suggestion! My sister and I howled over this movie when we were kids and you had to check the TV guide to see what was on!
    I off with my tea and toast to watch this!!

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