Reading Magic #4

Reading improves vocabulary and leads to more highly developed language skills.

In schools these days teachers are having to spend much of their time preparing students for batteries of standardised tests. I, for one, am glad I am no longer a classroom teacher.

I would find it extremely difficult to teach that way. My beliefs about how children learn do not coincide with those of the current powers that be.

I believe that children learn best when they are having fun, enjoying the challenge of the learning experience. I believe they learn quickly and easily when the learning experience is set in narrative. I used stories as the base for my teaching units. My core belief that stories provide children with a means of engaging with, and forming deeper understanding of, the world around them proved most successful in encouraging learning.

learningWe learn new words as we read. We unconsciously absorb information about those      words, how they are spelt, how authors structure interesting sentences with those words. This is how we learn to write more effectively.

Test time magic.


One thought on “Reading Magic #4

  1. Erica, you do know how much I agree with you! And it’s amazing how people disbelief this until they see it in action. Parents come and say :”My kid hates reading.” And I ask:”And what’s the last thing you read?” Blank stare. And then I ask:”Do they only read for school or choose books they are interested in?” Blank stare with disbelief.
    But when that moment comes, when you read with kids and stop and they want to know more and read on – that is precious♡

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