Even more Magic

Reading develops imagination.

         I met a dragon face to face 

The year that I was ten.

I took a trip to outer space.

I braved a pirate’s den.

I wrestled with a wicked troll,

And fought a great white shark.

I trailed a rabbit down a hole.

I hunted for a snark.

I stowed aboard a submarine.

I opened magic doors.

I travelled in a time machine

And searched for dinosaurs.

I climbed atop a giant’s head.

I found a pot of gold.

I did all this in books I read

When I was ten years old.

Jack Prelutsky


When we read, our brains translate descriptions of people, places and things into pictures. In books nothing is impossible.

Books take us to amazing places, give us super powers and introduce us to fantastic creatures. Books give us mysteries to solve, dangerous situations to escape from and dastardly villains to overcome. Our minds take the author’s words and create those wondrous worlds for us to explore.

Creative magic.

Where did books take you when you were ten years old?


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